Yesterday was an anniversary for me. It’s been one year since starting my job with Gables Corporate Accomodations. I’ve been in Houston for the week so it made it all the more special as I was actually with my Gables family getting to know them better and learning more about the company and having a few more responsibilities added to my plate. Yesterday was a big day with work in the morning, their annual Spotlight Awards banquet in the afternoon, and then getting to attend a SIDS fundraiser for some friends-of-friends.

The weather? AMAZING. The driving? Not my favorite but I’ve done ok and have one drive left– to the airport in the morning. It will be in rush hour, so I know that by the time I get there, I will have had my fill of big city driving for a while! There was a moment yesterday when I had about 45 seconds to move over 5 lanes on the freeway that I thought, “THIS is why I don’t live in the city.” Haha! I made it and know that God takes care of His simple girl. 😉

I have to say- Gables is a great company. They’ve been more than good to me with allowing me to work from home, encouraging me to take medical leave in September and October, and investing in me as they have this week. I visited last May for their annual service day and it was pretty awkward. I had only started a few months prior, I didn’t know anyone besides my co-worker, Mallory, and I had never been to Houston. It was a good trip, but this one has been way, way better.

Thanks, Rich, for always encouraging me to “get out of dodge”! Winter is long in North Dakota and it’s been a very welcome respite to enjoy temperatures in the 70s. Tomorrow is back to reality- I think the forecast calls for a whopping 5 degrees! Woo hoo!

Good night! Time to get some rest so I’m up for that drive in the morning…