“How’s the house coming?”
Since that question comes up several times a week, I thought I’d give a little update. 🙂
Yes, it HAS been a long time since we started building. 17 months to be exact. In our defense, 10 of those months were spent waiting for the deed but still doing as much as we could with very limited moolah. And then winter came and boy was it a winter! From what I’ve been told, coldest in 18 years. In North Dakota. QUITE chilly. We (but mostly just Rich) kept at it even through the cold with a couple heavy-duty diesel heaters. Trust me, it was still cold. But here it is May and today was close to 70! I can’t believe I’m even typing that!! 70. We’ll take it!
We’re so close yet so far away. If you saw it today you’d probably wonder if we have 6 months left. And I guess I shouldn’t say that we don’t… but it really shouldn’t take that long. I’m sure the summer will be full and possibly even the start of the fall with last minute punch lists, but we plan to be moved in by then. Rich is installing the last few windows (one as I type this!), finishing electrical, plumbing, and then will come the fun part in closing up those walls after insulating. The below pictures are of today’s work: straightening an outside wall and installing a window. A very high window. It will be beautiful but I do have to tell you that they’re not fun to clean. I did it last winter at our friend’s townhome and my knees were pretty shaky!
I’ll post more pics in the coming weeks. Actually, I hope to post an outside view later on after it’s installed.

We do appreciate your prayers as we continue in this endeavor. Perseverance is needed in massive doses and for that, I am definitely married to the right guy. Rich IS the energizer bunny. His sticktoitiveness is most definitely God-given.